The following IM took place on April 17, 2007 between 3 & 4pm...

comicnerd: Hey Jen, I need your help updating the colophon.

fatbird75: the what?

comicnerd: The about us page...on the site.

fatbird75: ohhh. hm. what do you need?

comicnerd: Don't know, that's why I'm asking you! What should we put on there?

fatbird75: well, just don't put any crap on there like 'our mission is to blah blah blah' that is so lame.

comicnerd: totally lame.

fatbird75: maybe take off that stuff about how much you love to draw. we know you love to draw. you draw all over the walls of our house. enough!

comicnerd: ok ok. I need to take off that stuff about how awesome you are then.

fatbird75: what? that's the best part!

comicnerd: Yeah, but "she designed product for all kinds of companies"? It was mostly just for that one company and we didn't even get paid! Jerks.

fatbird75: ha I know. we should probably put something about the products on there. like how rad they are. and kid friendly, and different, and full of character and all that

comicnerd: Oh totally. And they smell good, too!

fatbird75: yeah totally but don't put that

comicnerd: What else?

comicnerd: Well?

fatbird75: i'm thinking

comicnerd: Well, what is bam pop to YOU?

fatbird75: oh, its bubblegum and robots. definitely

comicnerd: Oh oh and monsters and comic books! haha That's good let's use that.

fatbird75: yeah for sure! dork. what else though? We can't just say that.

comicnerd: Why not? I'm totally putting it. I think I have something, hold on.

fatbird75: it is totally our family and love, too. Put something about that.

comicnerd: Ooh yeah, that is good. I'll add it hold on...

fatbird75: hello? whats taking so long?

comicnerd: Sorry. OK, how about this?...

comicnerd: BAM POP is a young publisher of craft products designed for the fun kids. BAM POP is bubblegum, robots, monsters, and comic books. It is ideas scribbled on the notebooks of open minds. It is imagination. It is freedom. It is love. JJ and Jen are BAM POP and this is their heart.

fatbird75: perfect.