mmm, new site dealy

We sprinkled some magic on our catalog pages and now we can feature scrapbook pages and other crafty things made with our stuff!

things people made
Our pop art gallery is full of amazing things created by super friends of BAM POP from all over the world. We thought it would be rad if we could spotlight some pop art on the products that were used in creating them. Pretty neat, huh?

too legit to quit

too legit 2 quit

Our retailers will be happy to learn that all of our scrapbooking stuff is now UPC barcoded. Yay! Personally, I am a little sad that we have to put them all over our artwork. Maybe because it kinda represents conforming to the establishment?

We were pretty happy to be able to go as long as we did without them. I mean, I see the benefit to the retail shop, I really can. I just think it's a little more hardcore to not have them. More punk rock yeah! It also had a more made-at-home feeling, to me anyway. Now we are a product. But I guess it is all a part of growing up. And now we get to reminisce about the good old days when we sang along with Sufjan Stevens while packaging stamps in our jammies and-- wait, err, we still do that. ^__^

Okay then, time to put on some Kimya Dawson and draw the new stamps!

Diva Craft Lounge loves BAM POP!

Diva Craft Lounge invited JJ to be on their radio show today to talk about all things BAM POP!

Their show is super fun. And oh gosh, listeners in 66 countries?! JJ was trying really hard not to think about that. I think he had fun though. Go listen to the show! :)