some recent arts

while we are getting ready to release our 2009 stuff we thought we'd show some art we made.

robert's robots run amok

illo I did for issue #4 of scrapyard detectives by Bill Galvan and J.M. DeMatteis. coming to your favorite comic book shop soon!

star kiss ♥

shhh, deathstar is sleeping


when I was little one of the things I wanted to be was an astronaut. my dad built parts for a number of the shuttles NASA sent up in the 80s. that was super rad. I never got to go to space camp. but I watched the movie a thousand times! and I still stare at the stars.

fezbot racer 2

fezbot racers...who doesn't love a happy shriner?

fezbot racer 1

tk + bambot ♥♥♥

tk-5446 + bambot! ♥♥♥ it took a couple of decades of waiting and a couple months of building, but I finally have my very own stormtrooper. now a few times a year I get to run around town and feel 5 again. in the meantime he looms over me while I draw ^__^

scrapblog marketplace is live!

it seems like it was so long ago when we first got a call from this sweet little band of misfits from miami asking us to check out this thing they made called "scrapblog." at the time they already had like what, millions of scrapbloggers on their site? yet somehow we had not come across them before. needless to say we were blown away by the scrapblog app. it is the best thing to happen to digital scrapbooking EVER. what they created totally reinvented the medium! as content designers we had been steering clear of digital scrapbooking due to all the issues with piracy and infringement that are inherent in the format. scrapblog completely wiped away those fears for us. we were like "uh, where do we sign?"

BAM POP! is very privileged to be part of only a small group of lucky artists invited to join the scrapblog marketplace for its launch. being a part of this makes our cereal taste better and cartoons more funny ^__^

don't take our word for it. go see for yourself how rad scrapblog is. design some scrapbook pages with our art and your art and some other people's art (it's a huge collab!) and don't forget to send us a link so we can see your creations! and guess what, scrapblog will even make your pages into a book and send it to you! scrapblog is the new awesome.