loves BAM POP! loves bam pop!

scrapbooking pro judi kauffman used our stuff to make a bunch of rad how-to projects for magazine. now we can make nice book covers and cd wallets. awesome. go check it out!

BAM POP! tees


we have been working hard on this for a while now, trying to get it right and we think we're finally ready to share. we'll start making t-shirts and other apparel available soon! first we'll start with baby and kids sizes then we'll work our way up to grown ups.

BAM POP! tees

final designs may vary a little [^__^]

BAM POP! yeti onesie

baby yeti! grrrr.

fine art prints & ice cream

a while back we started selling random prints of our art on etsy and our shop just for fun. sometimes with a toy even. we thought we'd get a little more serious, er a little bigger at least!

this is the original "ice cream social" painting. it's a tribute to a few of our favorite things--monsters, superheroes, and ice cream!

i scream social

it took a few proofs, but the giclée turned out beautifully! the colors are so vibrant. it's printed on heavy watercolor paper and measures 14x18". it also looks amazing matted and framed (not shown).

ice cream social giclée

batmobot and aquobot to the rescue!

ice cream social giclée (detail)

mmm, ice cream truck. lucky monster!

ice cream social giclée (detail)

in the shop soon!