Victionary loves BAM POP!

a little while ago, victionary invited us to be in the next book in their simplyseries™, titled simply pattern. well, now it's finally out and we're so thrilled to be a part of it!

simply pattern book

cover to cover it's filled with some of the prettiest pattern designs around including work by some of our favorite artists like tado, jon burgerman, skwak, and julia rothman (an indie comics lover after our own heart...check out julia's book blog book by its cover--it's one of our favoritest blogs ever. seriously. put it at the top of your rss reader).

simply pattern book

even the ninguins made it into the book! ^__^

simply pattern book fold-out

simply pattern should be available soon at your favorite book store.

isbn 978-988-98229-8-9
cover: US$40

thanks so much to grace from victionary for inviting us!

Scrapbook Magazine loves BAM POP!

scrapbook magazine

we finally got our copy of uk mag scrapbook magazine issue 29 which has a huge article (6 pages + a product feature) by fauve van maanen (she's rad!)

our stuff has appeared in other magazines, but this is our first cover feature and big article so it is extra special for us.

bam pop is the future?!

we are the future? be afraid!

scrapbook magazine p.38-39

it really is a rad article. sure we're a little biased, but fauve did a bang up job! check out the wicked awesome scrapbook pages she created to go along with it...

scrapbook magazine p.40-41

scrapbook magazine p.42-43

scrapbook magazine p.62

they even did a nice shopping guide ^__^

thanks so much to fauve and lindsey at scrapbook magazine for being so nice to us!